The festival season has begun and we will all wear a saree at least once in the next four months. We at ereena , believe the saree is one of the sassiest garments in our wardrobe that can tell many tales. We share some of our early experiences with the saree and would love for you to do the same, with an image of you in a saree.

One of my first sarees  was an off white Kanchi cotton saree with a simple 6 inch pink border on either side.

I loved how comfortable it was and  I wore it during my summer holidays on my visit to Hyderabad from Mumbai.

Another distinct memory is of a light pink Mysore silk saree from my Mom's cupboard that I wore for my 10th grade farewell party. I draped it with the help of my Mom, in what I thought was the most fashionable way, with my usually tightly braided long hair  left loose and flowing.

I could not remember being more self conscious any other time! ( not taking into account the first time I met my husband, when unbeknownst to me my parents arranged a meeting)!
Back to the saree... We had to walk around inside the assembly hall for the judges to see. Walk? I literally marched!  Left ! Right! Left ! Right!  Long strides as if I was in the girl guides or sports parade! 
The saree petticoat kept getting stuck to my legs and I somehow managed to complete the circle. That day I realised I needed to take small steps and be more ladylike and graceful and not act like a tornado about to unleash itself, in a saree!
A saree, no matter how you drape it, brings out the lady in you! 
The force of Yin all the way!