Our journey of growth is not ours alone.

"Our objective is to serve our society - it's people and our traditions, the environments we inhabit and ultimately the stories that arise from the synthesis of our interactions. As a social enterprise, the company aims to develop communities across the North Eastern region of India in terms of cultural preservation and adaptation, socio- economic stability, livelihood generation and environmental welfare."
Dilip Barooah
Founder - Fabric Plus Nature lover, textile guru, ‘Legend of Assam - Awardee ’
Our initiatives have ensured that the rich ancient tradition of eri silk rearing, spinning and weaving is alive. Importantly, our initiatives have catalysed entrepreneur development, skills training, reduction of rural emigration, industrial work culture, women empowerment and child welfare.

- 35000+ marginalised rural cocoon rearers now have a sustainable source of income.

- 22000 weaver families have benefited directly and indirectly.

- At least 15 downstream businesses have been created.

- We have 300 direct employees 60% of who are women; a result of the focus on the training, skill development and empowerment of women. In the future, we expect more than 100,000 families to benefit in a region that had been ridden with political unrest, violence and unemployment.