Ereena’s Mrs. Jyoti Reddy at Indiatourism Northeast Webinar

Ereena’s Mrs. Jyoti Reddy at Indiatourism Northeast Webinar

Mrs. Jyoti Reddy was honorably invited to contribute to the ‘Wonder Weaves of Assam’ webinar sponsored by Indiatourism Northeast, part of the Incredible India program from the National Ministry of Tourism. As a long-time contributor to social and economic development in the North-East, Ereena is proud to contribute to the public dialogue on improving welfare for developing communities through ethical entrepreneurship. 

Ereena is an industry specialist in both Eri and Muga silks, aiming to make the North East an international leader in global textile tourism and sharing proud Indian heritage. Mrs. Jyoti Reddy shared important educational and historical facts about both these materials as well as the positive social impacts. This includes impacts to 100,000 farmer families, over 500 jobs created, and indirectly benefiting 150,000 through their supply chain. 

Eri silk being the world’s most sustainable silk has been an integral part of the North-Eastern culture for generations, with a weaving and spinning tradition in 147 tribes. Gandhiji once said “maidens of lovely Assam weave poems in their clothes' ' due to the immense variety of colors and motifs from each tribe. This art is not only beautiful but economically essential to the region, which includes 62.5% of all operational handlooms in India. The traditional art of silk-worm keeping, silk-spinning, and weaving provides essential supplementary income for households. 

Muga silk is another proud product of Ereena’s development. Once solely reserved for Royalty in the Ahom dynasty, the rare silk is only produced in India and is also known as ‘Golden Silk’. Not only is it beautiful, but the silk is also so strong it was used to produce parachutes by the British. The beautiful gold color is 100% natural and dye-free, meaning a more eco-friendly production process. Muga silk has a wide range of applications from the medical industry to cosmetics to the fabrication of outdoor gear.

Ereena’s participation in both Eri and Muga silk production has brought India’s specialty products to the international stage, as well as modernizing the industry and providing lasting social change to the North-Eastern region. Traditional cottage industry meant low yields and inconsistent quality. Ereena’s research and development has increased productivity 7-fold and produces consistent quality products able to be sold globally and supplied to all brands and manufacturers. 

We are a catalyst of female empowerment; providing skills training, entrepreneurial development, and raising standards of living for the rural communities. Establishing rural industries means less emigration to cities, spreading modern work culture, and improving child welfare. Mrs. Jyoti Reddy is dedicated to supporting sustainable livelihoods while simultaneously creating economic development with eco-friendly products. Ereena is a strong proponent of sustainable and ethical development in all fields.