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Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Ereena and Eri Silk.
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Eri silk is made by a silk worm called Samia Cynthia Riccini that feeds on the castor plant. The silkworm weaves an open ended cocoon, from which it flies away on maturity. Empty cocoons are used to boil and make this silk in a peaceful process with the least amount of chemicals, if any. It has a subtle matte sheen, so can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Eri silk is comfortable in all weather conditions. Mulberry silk is made by the Bombyx Mori silkworm that eats the mulberry plant. It is enclosed in the cocoon in its making process. Mulberry silk has a distinct shine. It is mostly worn in cooler conditions and for special occasions.

Eri Silk is 100% natural. It is certified pure silk by the Central Silk Board, India.

We offer free shipping within India. International shipping rates will be calculated at checkout on the basis of weight and country.

Yes, it is available on request at a nominal cost.

You are buying a unique product - these weaves have never been done in eri silk before. We have created new prodcuts with special design features and colours. There is a complexity and beauty that comes in weaving with eri. Try it and you will fall in love.

You not only look good in Ereena eri silk; you feel good inside out. You are buying a product with a low carbon foot print.
Besides you have a made a difference in the lives of our cocoon rearers, and handloom weavers. You are also upholding our heritage and tradition of weaving and craft.

We say Eri rich because the percentage of eri silk in the weave blend is more. It is a blend of cotton and eri silk but eri silk brings its richness in terms of drape and feel.

Dry clean but only if no harsh chemicals are used . Plain sarees and fabrics can be dip washed in cold water with extremely gentle detergent. Our colours are fast. However, be cautious when washing colour at home. Wash with like colours. We suggest you do a test since our products are hand dyed and handloom. Dry in shade. Eri has good crease recovery- it needs light ironing after washing.

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