International Folk Art Market

International Folk Art Market

Explaining my block printed natural dye Joda shawls to Donna Karan!

My first time at this wonderful event. What started as a small promotion of
artisans by Judith Espinar grew into this cultural extravaganza over the years.
I was fortunate and honored to have been selected in the innovation category.

Inspiration all around, in the dedication of the volunteers and the creative
versatility of the artisans from over 53 countries. 

The walk through the quaint Santa Fe downtown in traditional attire, countries
of the world walking together with no boundaries, whatsoever, greeted all
along by Santa Fe residents, dancing with gay abandon...Israel and Palestine
sharing a common platform! It was heartwarming.

Sharing a few of my random snapshots at Santa Fe of fascinating head gears
from all over the world. Enjoy!