peace silk
Ereena is an authentic eri silk brand. We are pioneering manufacturers & marketers of consistent and commercially viable eri silk, producing world class silk products like eri silk yarn, eri fiber sheets, eri slivers, eri roving and much more.
The magic of eri silk:
Isothermal – Feels warm in winters, cool in summers, and has high breathability.
Versatile – Combines well with other yarns to enhance their quality and feel.
Sustainable – Has a low water requirement and almost negligible carbon footprint.
Why Ereena?
At Ereena we have found the perfect balance of tradition and innovation to develop a process that helps us generate high volume with consistent quality. Our integrated silk facility at Assam is capable of producing 165 metric tonnes of eri yarn per year.
We are proud to have been a part of the Lakme Fashion Week and various other prestigious events around the world.
If you are a business owner who is looking to explore the world of sustainable fashion or looking for the best quality products made out of elegant premium fabric, please reach out to our founder –


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