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What Is Eri Silk?
Eri silk comes from the open-ended cocoons of the Samia cynthia ricini silkworm that feeds on wild, drought resistant castor plants found in the foothills of the Himalayas. Unlike other silks, Eri silk is spun only once the silk moths have flown away, making it a completely cruelty free silk.

Why should you buy Eri silk?
- Eri silk is the most sustainable silk in the world, consuming 560 times less water than cotton and 250 times less water than other silks.
- This eco-friendly silk is often dyed using natural dyes or in certain cases Azo free dyes, eliminating any water pollution. Being a completely natural fiber, Eri silk leaves behind no waste.
- Every Eri silk saree you buy saves the earth 4.16 Kgs of Carbon compared to cotton!

How is it different from other fabrics?
It’s Isothermal – Eri’s unique fibres keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
It’s crease resistant – Eri silk shows great crease recovery, 94% in warp and 96% in weft.
It’s UV protective – Eri silk has a UV protection factor of 15.99 meaning it blocks up to 94% UV radiation
Its breathable – With a moisture absorption rate of 13% Eri feels luxurious against your skin.
It’s easy to care for – Hand wash or dry clean without harsh chemicals, and steam iron.

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Rs. 14,900.00