Manufacturers & marketers of unique, sustainable Eri

Today Ereena is the one-stop destination for everything in eri silk - natural peace silk providing a sustainable choice of fabric, to the polluting fashion industry.

Prior to working with eri, my company exported embroidered cushion covers, pillows, bed linen, and furnishings to USA, France, Sweden, and Muscat.

A keen eye, an interest in textiles, and a desire to make a difference lead me to a textile technologist who introduced me to eri silk. I was fascinated by its properties and teamed up with him to set up a dedicated eri silk yarn factory that would help make eri commercially viable. It was a pioneering factory that created an eight fold increase in eri productivity and provided employment opportunities in a strife-torn area. But eri was very unlike any other silk. It did not shine like mulberry and had the properties of wool. It was hard to imagine all the wonderful properties of this yarn. In 2014, I decided to launch Ereena to facilitate the unique experience of wearing eri through the finest eri fabrics.

I believe building an ethos of sustainable living is our responsibility. Ereena eri silk is my medium to contribute towards this goal.

Jyoti Reddy
Founder, Ereena

Who we are

We weave innovative eri fabrics from eri yarn, spun in our own facilities, to provide environment friendly fabric solutions for the home and fashion industry. We have worked with various artisanal heritage techniques, and peer looms using eri fibres. These experiments, spread over 8 years yielded unique sustainable offerings.

We are now ready to showcase our unique, comfortable, versatile, environment friendly, luxury fabric range. We provide a very scalable and sustainable choice to discerning customers who are looking to make the crucial shift to the green path.


A comfortable silk to wear

Physical comfort

Efficient support of the body’s thermo-regulatory system

Physiological comfort

The tactile nature of clothing

Psychological comfort

Perception of wearer
- Feeling Good
- Looking Good

Unique properties of eri silk.

Eri silk is isothermal, which makes it an all-weather fabric with the cool comfort of cotton, the warmth of wool & the subtle elegant lustre of silk.

Eri silk's quality of good moisture absorption of 13% and high porosity makes it soft, durable, and extremely comfortable next to the skin.
Highly breathability
High moisture transport efficiency (sweat proof)
Good UV protection factor - 15.99
Anti-fungal / bacterial
Easy care & quick dry (cold wash with soft soap)
Good crease recovery - 94 degrees in warp & 96 degress in weft direction
Low friction co-efficient
Low flame spread - stable at higher temperature upto 140 degree C


Ereena & the UN Sustainability Goals


Some milestones on our journey


Ereena woven fabric made with natural dyed yarns has been selected as one of the exhibits being shown at the ‘Sustainable thinking’ Exhibition.

LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Moët & Hennessy)

Selected by the French luxury company for a project consisting in the creation of an internal design tool library that will be accessible on the LVMH Intranet to every brand of the company.


'Best New Product Candidate' and 'Best Sustainable Product Candidate' - 3 years consecutively

International Folk Art Market Santa Fe

Showcased in ‘Innovation' category. Ereena was one of the 151 invitees selected from 640 applications from 53 countries.

Sustainable Furnishings, USA

Member of the council