Bask in the warmth of a classy silk shawl as you experience the unique isothermal properties of eri silk. Woven with care these natural dye unisex shawls are the perfect ethnic winterwear.

The Making of our Natural Dye shawl:

The charm of natural dye lies in its harmless process that is kind to the earth and the mystery of these comfortable silk shawls lies in the final outcome. 

We at Ereena have used our most sustainable organic eri yarn for this intriguing process of natural dyeing , to give you 54 shades of colours in the finest eri silk. All combined in this beautiful silk shawl.

Stay cool in the summers and warm in winter.

Marvel at their purity and enjoy its comfort. 

They are unisex shawls and make a great gift for any discerning individual who is passionate about the environment. 


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